Converge Connect

Is a platform for youth leaders to dialogue youth ministry related topics, strategy & ideas. We hope to inspire and encourage you as a leader. We look to spend time in prayer and building relationships together creating an environment that unifies us. We look forward to connecting with you and being part of this great initiative for the upliftment of the body of Christ.

Executive Team

Youth Leaders, who were burdened to make a difference, got together and formed the initial executive team. The vision was to have periodic combined youth events around the city, to reach the lost youth of Pietermaritzburg, and to build relationships amongst existing youth ministries. The vision and impact of CONVERGE has now grown wider and therefore requires formal structures to be put in place.

This team must be defined precisely. The members of this team will be ambassadors for CONVERGE. There are specific requirements that need to be met and each member must be well aware of what they are committing to, the criteria for executive members includes commitment, sacrifice and attendance at meetings. They should also have the blessing of their pastor to be included in the executive team.

Advisory Team

We have begun formalizing working teams which operate on different levels. We realized the need for direction and constructive advice from people who have experience in Youth Ministry and understand the youth. We therefore have formalized an Advisory Team of Pastors which comprise of Senior Pastors who will be in communication with members of the Converge Core Team regarding various aspects of CONVERGE. 

Expectations of the Advisory Team

The members of the Advisory Team will NOT be required to attend meetings regularly or be directly involved in the planning process for CONVERGE. However they are welcome to attend at any time.

The Advisory Team will be expected to offer advice and guidance to the CONVERGE executive Team on various aspects pertaining to CONVERGE.